ICT spending falls by 1% in Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10-07-2013

Spanish families spent over €13,300 million in information and communication technologies (ICT) in 2012, according to the latest Observatorio Nacional de las Telecomunicaciones (Ontsi) report, representing a drop of 1% compared to 2011.

However, the data shows interesting figures regarding technology penetration in Spanish society. Mobile and fixed phone lines decreased by 6% and 9% respectively, but 67% of houses have Internet access. Nearly 12 million homes are connected, and 93% of these use broadband services.
According to the report, 94% have a mobile connection while 84% keep a fixed line.
With regard to pay-TV, numbers are still lower than in other European countries with less than 25% of families paying for TV. However, during the first six months several online TV platforms have started to operate in Spain, changing the pay-TV market in a way which yet is not reflected in the report.
What did achieve success last year in Spain are packaged services. Over 44% of households have a combination of Internet and telephone, and almost 10% also had an IPTV solution.
Spain's ICT spending had its highest point in 2007, when a total investment of €17,853 million was achieved.