Paraguay's DTT migration to last ten years

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10-07-2013

According to Conatel, Paraguay's TV authority, by 2024 all TV channels will have to broadcast through the country's DTT system.

Currently, only one channel is broadcasting through the system, but it is expected that more channels will start the digital migration next year.
After a quite long legislation process, which has still not finished, the country's public TV channel started DTT broadcasting in 2011. However, no more free-to-air channels have shown their intention to do so since then.
According to Conatel adviser, Victor Martinez, the companies working in Asuncion and the central departments have a-year-and-a-half to ask for digital migration, but the process could last up to ten years. For the rest of Paraguay, 2020 is the deadline to request migration from Conatel.
Martinez's was speaking at the international seminar 'Challenges for the migration of digital video in a convergent environment', attended by country's media. "The aspects of the regulatory framework of DTT in Paraguay have been thoroughly defined in a technical way, pending the migration process of analogue TV to DTT," explained Martinez.
Paraguay has chosen, as have most other Latin American countries, the Japanese-Brazilian digital TV standard.