Vast majority of satellite operators show growth
Joseph O'Halloran | 11-07-2013

New research from Euroconsult has revealed that partnerships and investment opportunities taken over 2012 have led to 86% of fixed service satellite (FSS) operators seeing revenue growth.

Yet this growth was not evenly spread: the survey also found that even though 13 of the 37 active commercial FSS operators surveyed reached 10% growth or more, approximately half of the operators experienced slower revenue growth than the previous year.

Euroconsult believes that the FSS operator landscape is currently seeing a growing number of active satellite operators and an increased appetite for innovative growth strategies. These include partnerships between satellite operators, investment in new generation satellite systems such as HTS multi-spot-beam architectures, and new revenue streams including hosted payloads or deals involving aging satellites and orbital slot rights.

The analyst also expects the number of satellite operators is poised to grow in the coming years with multiple emerging operators having announced plans to launch their first satellites. “We see a trend where more operators are welcoming HTS capacity as part of their long-term agenda and growth strategy,” said Wei Li, senior consultant at Euroconsult. “A number of operators have recently announced HTS payloads as part of their future satellites, including Intelsat, SES, Arabsat, Spacecom, Asiasat, and others."

Euroconsult also noted bulk satellite procurement partnerships among FSS operators, as seen with ABS and Satmex; satellite and orbital slot sharing agreements, as seen with Measat and Newsat Jabiru, etc; and the adoption of hosted payloads.