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Thread: Predaseur 2.08 FAKE!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Predaseur 2.08 FAKE!!!!!!

    Predaseur 2.08 FAKE !!!!!

    Be warned that rumours are circulating of a new Predasaur version 2.08 to be released. This is a Fake so if u find it...leave it alone! WE HAVE NOT PUBLISHED OR CREATED THIS FILE!

    The following are the claims that have been made....again all u see below is false:

    Stay tuned,for a big Update!!!
    Some fixes must be done,before we release it!
    Coming this weekend!

    Predasaurus 2.08

    Conax Cas7 - C**** Digital 1.0W <-------------------------
    Seca 2 Provider - C+NL,CSat and Cyfra now open!
    New Premiere key 0612
    TPS Keyschedule for week 11/12
    Remember to execute the Security update as explained below!

    See "howto.txt" for instructions

    About this version:
    For TREX 4.5 and TREX 4.6Module.

    Emulation for Irdeto, Nagra, Viaccess, Viaccess2, Seca and Cryptoworks , with keyeditor
    (check out the "Debug" option in the menu).

    ONLY ON CAM 4.6: PW open! Those with 4,5 cams: contact your dealer to upgrade your cam.
    IMPORTANT: after loading this file on your 4.6 cam, enter the cam menu, select
    "Security Update", then select "Update now".
    Wait until the message changes to "Update OK",takes about three minutes.
    You only need to do this once after loading Predasaurus 2.06.
    Nothing bad will happen if you do it again but it's not necessary.
    If you do not execute this step, PW will not clear!

    I would like to clear up some confusion about what files work on what cam:

    TREX/Dragon 4.1 and lower: Predator files ONLY
    TREX 4.5: Both Predator and Predasaur files work, Predasaur without security features
    Upgrade your 4.5 cam to 4.6 thru your dealer!
    TREX 4.6: Both Predator and Predasaur files work, Predasaur with all security features

    Part 2

    Sorry,about the late Update News...
    We have great good and bad news for you.

    At this weekend we got the a complete autorized algo-from from 2 boxes
    -a AFN PowerVu-box .
    You can watch it on pc-cards only,because they use mpg 1.5.But it is a funny
    -Seca1 Orbit embedded keys (Arabsat 26E)

    Conax Cas7 fixed,stable watching!
    Seca2 also stable now.
    DCW and Biss,dual mode,no extra version needed.
    Cryptoworks Debug fixed.

    Sharing Modus implemented
    For this feature we create a specially network-card,called "NetRex".Now you can use
    your t-rex with card sharing solutions.The card is coming soon!

    The negative at all of this,you have to send your module to your dealer
    because,we have to do a RSA security update(4.6+),to protect the software from
    other groups.Sorry about this.
    Call tomorrow at tea-time your dealer for further infos about the update.
    All official dealers will get the update info tomorrow.

    At this time we have server problems at our,so we
    have to use this way.


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    both statements which i have read are pure lies dont believe either as the official update should be with us very soon from dragon team not a bunch of re**rds claiming to be dragonteam.

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    Re: Predaseur 2.08 FAKE!!!!!!

    i got down this reported and found it my duty to communicate it.

    but i cannot check it.


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