Nine companies bid for Uruguay's DTT licences

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16-07-2013

With only six slots available, each with an SD and an HD signal, nine companies have finally presented bids in the auction of Uruguay's DTT licences.

The public channel will receive a licence and the three private operators currently broadcasting in the country will each get one, meaning that at least two new players will appear in Uruguay's TV market – and this could be more if the SD and HD signals are shared.
The nine projects were delivered yesterday – the deadline for applications. Despite disagreeing with the process and the new audiovisual law, which is still pending approval, Canal 4, 10 and 12 were among those who presented bids.
According to Uruguay's El Pais and El Observador, apart from the three private channels and the public one, the producer OZ Media together with Bla, the owners of the newspaper La Diaria, Océano FM's company, the cable channel VTV, the former owner of La República, Federico Fasano, and Sarmelco all showed interest in obtaining a licence.
The tender of the six DTT signals will take place before October, but there is no official date yet. The final decision over the licences belongs to Uruguay's president, José Mújica.
In the meantime, the new audiovisual law is still being debated in Parliament. Some agreement among the parties has been reached and it seems that the approval of the digital TV regulation is close.