IIJ adds multi-device VOD streaming to content delivery service

Parent Category 16-07-2013

Leading Japanese Internet access and network solutions provider Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) is to launch new streamed content services optimised for a range of connected devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The provider says that it has added the streaming/video-on-demand (VOD) capabilities to its IIJ Contents Delivery Service to respond to a customer requirement to deliver files in formats compatible with multiple devices.
Yet IIJ noted that in doing so, operators will face issues such as the requirement for increased storage capacity, greater operational loads and rising costs.
To date IIJ had offered a distribution system compatible with Flash Video and Windows Media, but the new service will be based around HTTP which IIJ regards as increasingly important distribution protocol. It allows for compatibility with Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), a format designed for delivery to PCs, and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which is suitable for smart devices. This means that the company can enable large-scale distribution of HDS and HLS content from IIJ's delivery server farm.
Moreover, says IIJ, customers can significantly reduce costs for storage and lighten their operational loads by using the Contents Delivery Service to distribute optimally content to PCs and various devices such as tablets and smartphones.