Neon goes OTT in Colombia

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16-07-2013

Emcali Colombia and DLA have announced an agreement to enable the online OTT on-demand platform Neon to operate in Colombia.

The streaming platform of DLA will be available in Cali district within the next few weeks.
Subscribers to Cali's largest Internet provider will be the first in Colombia to have access to the films, series and music offered by Neon, while users of Emcali's pay-TV service will also have access to Concert Channel, Rush HD, and the rest of the content usually distributed by DLA.
"Neon's launch in Colombia is a big step for DLA while bringing an OTT tool to one of the largest operators in the country," said Antonio Barreto, DLA's CEO, reports El Sol. According to Barreto, Emcali now has an online solution which is "competitive and financially sustainable".
Neon is to increase DLA's presence in Latin America, where it is already one of the largest partners of the region's operators. "We are partners towards the new stage of the entertainment industry," said Barreto.
Neon currently offers a wide selection of Hollywood films and independent movies in addition to sports, concerts, shows and series available on demand.