Young Hollywood preps World Cup online TV channel

Michelle Clancy | 16-07-2013

Young Hollywood and Momentum Entertainment Group (MEG) have announced the joint launch and ownership of an upcoming channel that will debut in April 2014 to capitalise on the excitement and celebrity buzz surrounding FIFA World Cup 2014 in Rio.

The new channel will give viewers a look at the worldwide celebrity and athlete presence surrounding the biggest global event in sports.
"We're incredibly excited to partner with Momentum to create this new channel around the Rio events, opening new doors for Young Hollywood and its viewers, as we continue to provide the industry's premiere multi-platform celebrity experience wherever that experience lives," said Young Hollywood founder and CEO RJ Williams. "There's an untold story of the World Cup celebrity experience that Young Hollywood will tell in living colour, in a channel that will lead to new partnerships and content opportunities."
Young Hollywood's content has received over two billion views to date across its multiple distribution platforms and combined social media touch points. In addition to owning its flagship site Young Hollywood syndicates its content to several other media partners, including YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo!, AOL and numerous mobile and broadcast television outlets.
"Our collaboration with Young Hollywood is an exciting move for Momentum as we partner to pioneer new channels, inventive content, innovative brand opportunities and international connections with audiences passionate about celebrity and sports," said Momentum chairman and CEO Chris Weil. "We're excited to advance our proven reputation for high quality content that speaks to modern consumers across media."