Paramount picks DTS for UltraViolet content surround sound

Joseph O'Halloran | 19-07-2013

Aiming to allow viewers to unlock the potential of streaming video content, Paramount Pictures has chosen DTS as a surround sound format for its UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF) catalogue.

DTS, a premier audio solutions provider for high definition entertainment experiences, is a member of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) which is behind UltraViolet. The leading studio plans to deliver its catalogue of UltraViolet movies paired with immersive DTS soundtracks in the second half of 2013 upon launch of UltraViolet CFF. It sees the UltraViolet CFF as improving the efficiency of content ownership and playback while greatly enhancing the entertainment experience of watching digital content across TV screens, PCs, tablets, mobile phones and other connected devices.
It also enables transferring or copying a downloaded CFF file featuring a DTS-encoded soundtrack directly to an UltraViolet CFF-compatible app or hardware device, facilitating playback of those downloaded movie files on portable devices.
"Since launching UltraViolet, we've made numerous enhancements to the user experience, and the introduction of CFF will continue that trajectory," said DECE general manager Mark Teitell. "As a founder of DECE, DTS has been instrumental in developing CFF audio specifications that help enable a premium experience for CFF users, and this announcement is another key indicator of that promise now coming to market."
"A good movie experience leaves a lasting impression on people," continued Amy Reinhard, executive vice president and general manager, Paramount Domestic Home Media Distribution. "By marrying our robust content library with DTS' advanced surround sound technology, we can deliver a memorable cinematic surround sound experience for our customers at home, or on any UltraViolet-compatible connected device."