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Thread: Priv*t Spice and Multivis*n

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    Talking Priv*t Spice and Multivis*n

    Hi guys,
    did anyone else notice that Priv* Spice and Multivis*n were showing for over 3 hours (2-5 am) last night? What happened to their new Algorithm? Does anybody have a clue on why they decided to show without scrambling for such a long time? Is it still possible to view these channels or any other xxx channel with a normal receiver ( I've got BigSAT DSR 6600 CI Prima). I used to watch them by downloading and updating the bin. data which have disappeared from upload centres. I've read about dreambox, humax and topfield etc. Can any one of these receivers by any means open the above and/or other pay channels. If yes, please which one and how? Sorry for bugging you guys, I'm only a newbie and a million thanks in advance for your priceless help.

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    Re: Priv*t Spice and Multivis*n

    They were simply tramitting nagra1. No aes key.

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    Re: Priv*t Spice and Multivis*n

    Dear Friends
    I am new in this group, and I start with a DVB card SS2. I use progdvb 4.80.5 on my PC. I have downloaded most popular plug in programs such as s2emu and vplug and most recent softcam keys that I found in this forum. But I can not open non of the encryplted channels such as
    and others
    can anyone help me on this problem.
    Am I doing something wrong in plug in usage?

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