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Thread: Cccam versus Gbox

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    Cccam versus Gbox

    I read several times on different forums that cccam is apparently better than gbox according to some users.
    It would be interesting starting a discussion on this….


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    Re: Cccam versus Gbox

    Is it better. Dunno.
    I use CCcam and find it offers a very good sharing experience.
    I used gbox too and its pretty the same experience.
    Its easier to find peers for gbox but once you have found some good ones its not important anymore.
    Users of a DM7025 will find out that CCcam is better to use when recording several programs at the same time.
    Its like windows versus linux.
    Both have PRO and cons. Some people like windows, some like linux, some use both

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    Re: Cccam versus Gbox

    Can someone let me or point me in the right direction for this cccam software as i have a 7025 and would like to try it.
    pm's please.

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    Re: Cccam versus Gbox

    What do you need to know.
    Normally CCcam can be downloaden through the blue button menu on dream images.
    If you need help with the CFG file you can PM me.
    But its very busy at work so it can take a while before I answer.

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    Re: Cccam versus Gbox

    i`d like to confirm that cccam has proved more stable for me in exstensive

    gbox simply crashes for no reason when cccam just keeps going..

    ok , having said that am now using gbox , but not because is better ,
    simply because is more flexible and it works on humax , summin i really need
    as that allows me to run a twin server , one on dm one on my pc , needless
    to say the pc one is much quicker to administer + run and also testing
    different gbox installs is painless on pc.

    so gbox = less stale / more flexible and widely supported
    cccam = more stable / less flexible & less widely supported

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