Yep! puts children's channel plans on ice

Jörn Krieger | 23-07-2013
German media companies Mainstream Media and m4e have put their plans to launch a standalone children's channel named Yep! on ice.
The reason is the with free-to-air channel ProSieben Maxx which will show children's and youth programmes provided by Yep!.
"The collaboration with ProSiebenSat.1 is a long-term strategic partnership," Yep! spokeswoman Alexandra Seil told Rapid TV News. "Our focus in the first step will be to establish the two Yep! programme blocks in the morning and afternoon as well as the Yep! brand on ProSieben Maxx in the viewer and advertising market and to lead them to success. We have therefore put back our original plans to launch a standalone channel for the time being."
Yep! will air on ProSieben Maxx on weekdays from 6am-10am CET and from 2pm-6pm CET and on weekends from 6am-11am CET and from 2pm-6pm CET. With programmes from the genres of super heroes, action and adventure such as the free-to-air debuts of new seasons of anime series Pokémon and One Piece, the programme block will target boys aged six to 13.
ProSieben Maxx will launch on 3 September 2013. The advertising-financed channel, which will screen series, movies, documentaries and original productions, will be available via cable, satellite and IPTV in over 60% of German households