TV takes off for TalkTalk

Editor | 24-07-2013
UK communications provider TalkTalk has revealed an excellent Q2 2013 for its TV business, adding 160,000 new subscribers to its YouView service and taking the total number of TV customers on the company's network to 390,000.
To put this growth into perspective, in May 2013 the UK ISP reported that it had added 150,000 TV subscribers to its network over the previous financial year to deliver 230,000 IPTV subscribers.
Despite the war over sports being fought by fellow IPTV provider BT with BSkyB, TalkTalk quietly reported its best ever month for TV sales in June 2013. Particular success was derived from offering family films such as Life of Pi, The Hobbit and Wreck-It Ralph. Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly are the most watched on-demand programmes.
Entertainment, movies and children's programming were the most compelling content for TalkTalk TV customers, with 26% of households spending extra on premium content such as sports through a partnership with Sky Sports that offers one-month-at-a-time contracts that don't require a year-round commitment.
TalkTalk added that early data reveals that three-quarters of those signing up for its services had upgraded from the Freeview DTT and Freesat and satellite services. This, says TalkTalk, is strong testimony to the appeal of YouView. Indeed the ISP believes many of these people have previously resisted on-demand services because they were unwilling to commit to costly, long-term contracts. Streaming from sites such as BBC iPlayer and Spotify accounted for 35% of all traffic on the TalkTalk network, with Sunday being the busiest online day of the week.
"We're fast becoming the natural home for families seeking great value mass-market entertainment and starting their pay-TV journey," asserted Dido Harding, TalkTalk's chief executive. "For our loyal customers it's a great way to upgrade from their existing TV service. New customers are connecting to TalkTalk for the first time too with feedback showing very high levels of satisfaction with every aspect of the service, from sign-up to installation, content available and the functionality of YouView which allows them to catch-up, search and record."