Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 24-07-2013
Movistar and Claro are to face another competitor in Colombia's telecoms market when the merger of Une EPM and Millicom's Tigo is finally completed.
The resulting company will be the second largest in the market, behind Telefónica's Movistar, which was previously merged with the former TELECOM.
The agreement was announced after over two months of negotiations and will see the new company have a customer base of 8.7 million, also places the new telco close to Claro.
According to El Colombiano, the Mexican company, which is a result of Comcel and Telmex merging, has a dominant position in mobile market and is increasing its participation in TV and Internet, taking nearly 50% of the telecom market.
The only problem Une and Tigo's company may face is a lack of radioelectric space. "We are now using the 85% of the spectrum until the recently auctioned new 4G slots are legalised, and we expect the Government to increase the space, as it previously has said," Marc Eichamann Perret, UNE's president, explained to El Colombiano.
"We are still far off a definitive agreement; there are a lot of things to do," said Esteban Iriarte, president of Tigo, the Colombian subsidiary of the Swedish company.
The final deal is expected to be completed during the coming weeks