Parent Category: News | 25-07-2013
As part of its accelerating international expansion, specialist equestrian sports and lifestyle network Horse & Country TV has chosen Amagi Media Labs to deliver its signal to cable, satellite and IPTV operators.
Amagi’s Cloudport infrastructure platform is designed to act as an alternative to traditional channel playout options, based on satellite and fibre, allowing TV networks to deliver feeds with branding, language versions and subtitles. Amagi claims that the platform allows for full monitoring of programme playout and health of the playout servers at the headends. The playout servers are said to be fully redundant ensuring fail-safe operation.
Horse & Country TV will use Cloud port to deliver localised channel feeds to current and future markets where the channel is distributed. “Future-proofing our channel for multi-platform international distribution has been a key strategic goal for Horse & Country TV as we expand our presence in new markets,” said Horse & Country TV CEO and chairman, Heather Killen. “We are confident that we have found in Amagi a partner that will support our development in an extremely flexible and targeted way.”
“We believe that cloud-based models are the future of broadcast,” added Baskar Subramanian, co-founder strategy, investments and R&D. “Cloudport holistically addresses all the needs of broadcasters for channel playout and is set to become the standard for multi-platform channel delivery, replacing expensive satellite and fibre-based content delivery.”