Michelle Clancy | 25-07-2013
Tradelab has announced a strategic partnership with TubeMogul to make use of that company's video ad buying platform to help its clients enable automated buying for their branding campaigns.
"For over three years, we have been developing data and technologies to reach the right people at the right time," explained Yohann Dupasquier, co-founder of Tradelab. "While this solution generates good results on classic display campaigns, we now wish to extend that knowledge to new channels."
In addition to developing proprietary technology around video in the past few months, Tradelab is integrating with partners in the space, under which the agreement with TubeMogul falls.
"Being partners with a leader like TubeMogul is absolutely required given the massive growth in digital video," said Charles Gros, co-founder of Tradelab. "Since developing our branding solution, 14% of our campaigns include video ads. We estimate that this figure should rise to over 30% by the end of the year. Advertisers understand that video bought in real-time allows them to gain awareness into a very specific audience."
With TubeMogul, Tradelab can select from more than 50,000 sites on the leading public and private exchanges while keeping control over who sees an ad, and where. "Our advertisers will continue to know where we deliver. Domain by domain, impression by impression," added Dupasquier.
The trading desk plans to use TubeMogul BrandPoint, which enables marketers to buy on a cost per gross rating point (GRP) basis and verify that a target audience is reached through built-in reporting from Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. Tradelab will also leverage brand surveys from TubeMogul BrandSights to measure whether viewers are remembering and acting on an ad.
"Tradelab is firmly investing in programmatic branding, which puts them at the forefront of a revolution taking place in France and across Europe," said Nick Reid, managing director at TubeMogul. "They are a great partner as we continue to help brand marketers navigate a multiscreen world."