UK smartphone users embrace mobile video and TV content

Joseph O'Halloran | 26-07-2013

Consistent with other recent research, a new report from eMarketer has revealed that UK mobile users are lapping up video and entertainment content on their devices.

Overall, eMarketer estimates that by the end of 2013 there will be 15.5 million UK mobile video viewers, or 50% of smartphone users.
Indeed those who arenít using their device to watch video content are in a minority, with the research firm quoting a Mojiva survey showing that three-fifths of UK smartphone owners said they watched major broadcast or cable network content. Almost the same percentage of UK smartphone owners also said they had at least four or more entertainment apps on their phones, excluding games, and more than a quarter said they had more than seven.
Yet there is still work to do to boost stickiness and engagement. Even though nearly two-fifths of respondents spent an hour or more with mobile video content per week, nearly three-tenths watched less than 30 minutes of such content per week.
From a monetisation perspective, eMarketer concluded that in general, UK consumers have shown limited interest in ads that accompany video. However it added that mobile video ads enjoyed a reasonable success rate, suggesting that this may be a good place for video advertisers to look to engage consumers.
While just over a third (36%) of smartphone owners said they skipped pre-roll mobile video ads when given the option, the remainder watched at least some of such ads, with 30% saying they watched the entirety of mobile video ads. Just less than half of mobile video viewers said they remembered brands or products advertised in mobile video pre-roll ads.