here a small rather easy trick has to install to add a card reader to test on dreambox.
1 - whole first to have a cable port COM Crusader to make experiment
2 - to have a programator infinity usb with phoenix
3 - test A etais makes on dreambox 7020 and the camd gbox 2.25
4 - whole first to open dcc to make the conection with the dreambox then go on dev/tts in this systéme of file if you had a compatible image on the COM had you 6 line of port of 0 A 6 normally wrought the port that you to go to serveir you example the 1, port COM 1 = 1 ect etc then returned inside and to look at what had you normally there is nothing has you to add the chart whose to suit you used, atention goes on chart off the others does not pass the gbox cannot read them enfins this and another bléme on the other hand I test with a gold the copy of tps sagem, it passes very well but there are frizze as on the terminal oof sagem of tps
5 - it also configured you the phoenix on infinity to differently low put it on position 3.68 these paramount reading rate and too slow and higher too fast speed for the gbox reading of the gbox and on the point of decrocher
6 - in the xml one finger also to make reconnaitre already the port COM authorize them to remove # dedant if you the desired file this file and very hard A to find I had have been above for more than 4 months and I ensure you that these steps a file a these true shit have to find I them have thanks to a gas who touches with the sharing in gbox finally good once this made suit you rebboot the camd gbox and look in the dreambox on yellow key and gbox 2.25 continuation then made exit and again card information menueet all slot information on the slot 1 and 2 were to have your chart to you to configure to look in port COM 1 and you devrier to have the chart of which to use you to also look at if your infinity usb flickers if sends this fact between the infinity and the dreambox if the config and well done would have you the config chart in one veiled what and here j"ai to test and Ca go now it is necessary to test on d"autre chart not off what I will do in the next day I is due you to the current but I you council d"essayer also on d"autre final like the itgate all the dream and also the humax who and very bient adabter for Ca attention this systéme walk on a systéme linux not to test aillor very well has you to see friendship indic 64