July 26, 2013 06.30 Europe/London By Robert Briel

By adding 16,000 Belgacom TV subscriptions, the Belgian incumbent has increased the total TV customer base to 1,428,000 during Q2.
The operator reported double-digit TV revenue growth through larger TV customer base and higher ARPU. The second-quarter 2013 TV revenue grew by 15.3% to EUR 66 million, as a result of the continued subscriber growth.
2,000 multiple set-top boxes were added in the second quarter 2013. This resulted in a total TV customer base of 1,428,000 (+9.8% year-over-year), of which 245,000 were multiple streams.
The TV ARPU showed a 5.7% growth year-over-year to EUR 18.6, supported by a price increase for rented set-top boxes.
TV revenue over the first half of 2013 totaled EUR 131 million, i.e. 16.1% higher than the previous year.
Belgacom said it has abandoned the possibility to resale analogue cable television. Belgacom has explained the regulators what had changed since its initial request of 2009 and has requested a revision of the market analysis to achieve a full level playing field. The original idea was to buy analogue capacity on traditional cable networks (VOO, Telenet, Numericable) and sell this as part of it multiplay offer.