German public broadcaster ARD will add nine HD channels on the Astra position of 19.2 degrees East.
The new channels will bring the total available HD channels from public broadcasters ARD and ZDF to 27. Of the new chanels three are HD versions of ARD thematic channels Eins Festival, Eins Plus and Tagesschau24.
The remaining six new HD channels are HD versions of regional ARD channels.
The nine new channels will occupy capacity on two new transponders, which are part of an existing contract with SES-Astra.
RBB Brandenburg HD, RBB Berlin HD, MDR Sachsen HD, MDR Sachsen-Anhalt HD, MDR Thüringen HD and HR Fernsehen HD will be available on 10.891 GHz/H – 22000 -2/3 – DVB-S2 – 8PSK
Eins Festival HD, Eins Plus HD and Tagesschau24 HD will be on 11.053 GHz/H – 22000 – 2/3 – DVB-S2 – 8PSK.