Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-07-2013
Chile is the Latin American country with the highest rate of investment in the telecom sector, according to a report of Ovum and AHCIET's observatory based on 2011 data. Chile spent $69.83 per capita, followed by Brazil with $63.36 and Argentina with $59.94.
Investment drops to $31.34 for Mexico, which occupies the fourth place in the ranking. Colombia, which is expected to experience great growth in the telecoms market in the coming years, is in the fifth place with $30.64 per capita.
The report points to Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil as the countries with the greatest investment growth during 2008 and 2011.
Argentina was spending $1,200 million in 2008, while by 2011 it had doubled its budget to $2,500 million. Colombia's investment grew 46% to $1,400 million and Chile's increased 40% to $1,200 million. However, these numbers are still well below México, which invested $3,500 million in 2011, and Brazil ($2,000 million).
The report writers cite Chile's case as especially interesting because, in spite of being a small country with a medium economy, it registered the greatest growth in the region. They also point out that a high rate of investment will decrease the cost of access to new broadband and Internet technologies.