Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-07-2013
The first half of the year has seen a growth in profit for the Spanish audiovisual groups Atresmedia and Mediaset, with nearly 30 million net profit, the first increase seen since 2010.
The two TV groups share almost 90% of the TV advertisement market and have been carrying out strong saving policies.
Atresmedia closed the first half of 2013 with 29.1 million profit, over 60% more than the same period in 2012. It's the group's first financial report to show strong results since Antena 3 and La Sexta merged.
According to the group, even though advertising income has fallen (over 12% in the first six months), share increases and the growth of La Sexta have consolidated Atresmedia's financial situation.
But the merging has also meant an increase in debt. Over 20 million more since 2012 places the current debt at 152 million.
Atresmedia gathered 43% in publicity investment, according to Infoadex, and has also seen an increase in its audience. Antena 3 got a 13% share average, while La Sexta had 6% and the five complementary DTT channels had over 9%.
With regard to Mediaset, its profits grew to 30.1 million. The group, thanks in no small part to Telecinco, has retained a leading position in Spain's TV market and received 44% in advertisement investment.
Mediaset has been able to decrease its operational costs by 14%, making them 65 million lower than in 2012.
Despite having difficulties in increasing Cuatro's audience, Mediaset keeps leading Spain's schedule due to Telecinco and its 13.5% average share. The group's Internet presence is also strong, Telecinco being the most visited TV site in Spain and having a great impact in social networks with, for instance, nearly 70% of TV-related comments on Twitter, according to Tuitele.