Rebecca Hawkes | 30-07-2013
A content syndication partnership has been formed between Al Aan TV, the pan-Arab satellite TV station based in Dubai, and the Algerian independent channel Numidia News TV.
Al Aan TV, which is a multi-genre channel aimed at a female audience, will provide Numidia News TV with a variety of programming from entertainment to cookery, to news bulletins and current affairs shows.
"Al Aan was established to become a network channel designed to feed other channels with the best infotainment programmes for local markets," said Dana Shadid, project manager, Al Aan TV. "We are thrilled with the partnership with Numidia News TV; it is one milestone out of many," she added.
Numidia News TV was Algeria's first non-governmental channel to launch, and broadcasts from Eutelsat 7 West A. It now competes for Algerian television viewers with the state-owned broadcaster ENTV, Canal Algerie, TVA3, Tamazight TV, Coran TV, Echorouk TV, El Djazairiya TV, Ennahar TV, Hoggar TV, Dzairshop TV, L'Index TV, Dzair TV, Al Atlas TV, Djurdjura Children Channel and Samira.
The Dubai-based channel, which began life in 2005, says the deal with Numidia News TV "highlights the beginning of its syndication journey" as it seeks more partnerships across the Middle East and North Africa.
"Syndication is an essential element of Al Aan's distribution strategy; as hundreds of new channels are launched every year, original content is rare and difficult to find," the channel said in a statement.
Al Aan is already in discussion to form further content partnerships with new and existing broadcasters to help fill 24-hour programme grids. With a proposed 80% of content being supplied by Al Aan, the channel says its franchise model will allow its partners to localise the brand name for their markets.