Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 31-07-2013
Jazztel is currently the fastest growing telecoms operator in Spain, according to Q2 results presented by the company, and encouraged by its increased ADSL customer base, it's now looking to establish a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Spain's main cities.
The operator closed Q2 2013 with nearly €20 million profit – 4% more than last year – after invoicing €257 million. Jazztel has gained 250,000 new customers for mobile services and 26,000 new ADSL clients, meaning the company has reached the goals it set for 2013.
The 10% increase in subscribers for its Internet packages have prompted the company to think about offering a new fibre service. Currently, Jazztel rents the network from Telefónica, as do most Spanish operators, and the prices are decided by Spain's telecoms authority.
There are several advantages to the company having its own network which is why Jazztel is already investing in setting up an FTTH network in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga and Seville. The company invested €76 million in Q2 2013 – up 172% on the previous year – and this has mostly been to bring fibre to these cities. Although the company's intentions are clear, no official dates have yet been announced.
Another financial issue published in the company's Q2 report is the increase in Jazztel's debt of 28%. However, the nearly €80 million net debt is one of the lowest in Spain's telecoms sector.