Spanish online video and mobile advertising sectors outdo predictions

Parent Category: 30-07-2013
Spain's advertising market is still in decline and won't pick up until summer 2014, according to the panel of Zenith Vigia, when it will likely be pushed by the mobile and online video sectors which have seen growth beyond predictions during the first half 2013.
By the end of 2013, the total advertising business will have lost 11.2%, says the panel, which is comprised of media directors. In addition to the index of financial perception which has been increasing over the past months, the perception of the advertisement market has been also improving. However, investment will still fall for at least another year.
The mobile sector had grown 8% by the end of June and this is likely to be repeated in the coming months. According to Zenith, the lack of a standard measurement system for the market means that this figure is probably greater, with experts saying that it could currently be growing at around 27%.
But the best news is for the online video sector, which could get 37 million in advertising investment by the end of the year, 2% up over previous predictions and 21% more than last year's figure. Adverts in blogs are also increasing, and could achieve 11.7 million, 3% more than in 2012.
These figures indicate the new direction of Spain's advertising market, which has been forced to change due to the country's current financial situation. The Internet and new platforms are helping to better place products at a much lower cost, which is why online video specifically thanks to the new on-demand platforms is cited as the leader in growth over the coming months.