GS Group launches first Russian tech STB
Editor | 01-08-2013

Working under General Satellite brand, GS Group has launched what it says is the first mass market STB based on a Russian microprocessor and designed to meet global market demands for satellite TV networks.

The new GS U510 set-top box is claimed to simplify navigation, allowing viewers to organise lists of channels depending on their preferences, as well as working within predetermined categories where the channels fall. In addition to improvements in HDTV, the box offers the possibility to scale images with guaranteed quality regardless of channel and different sizes.

At the core of the GS U510 is a microprocessor produced in Russia, designed and manufactured by GS Nanotech. "We have been developing this microprocessor for two years. GS Group fully controls the process of crystals development, laboratories being located in Russia and abroad. Encapsulation takes place at GS Nanotech plant within the unique area of Technopolis GS,” explained GS Nanotech CTO Evgeny Maslennikov. “This production is unique both in terms of technology implemented and the level of experts. Especially I would like to emphasise that 2% of the world’s volume of digital set-top boxes are produced in Technopolis GS”.

Adding his comment on the launch of a device which it will roll out to customers, Vyacheslav Kuklov, deputy technical director of Tricolor TV, GS Group’s long-term partner, said: “Functions and options of the latest set-top box by GS Group make it different from the previous models in a similar way to how a smartphone phone differs from a phone."

Kuklov also referenced the box’s cryptographic coprocessor which it believes will offer operators such as Tricolor TV an effective anti-piracy solution, essential for pay-TV operators.