Juan Fernandez Gonzalez August 1, 2013 07.26
In an official company release, Marca TV has stated that due to the current situation regarding Spanish DTT licences, the Marca TV project is stuck in an untenable position financially.
The Supreme Court sentence, which declared the distribution of DTT licences in 2010 to be invalid, is yet to come into effect and the Government still needs to reorganise the radio electric spectrum in order to leave more slots for LTE networks. This is why almost all Spain's DTT channels are facing an uncertain future while being pushed to move by the financial situation.
"The Government doesn't say which channels will close down ... We cannot commit on keep buying sports rights to offer to our audience," says the channel in a release which sums up the feelings of part of Spain's audiovisual sector: why keep investing if their channels may close down?
Marca TV's place will be taken by La Tienda en Casa, a shopping channel, while Unidad Editorial waits for news regarding the future of DTT licences.