Telecable takes on Twitter app

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 01-08-2013
Spain's regional cable operator Telecable has taken a step further in bringing the social TV experience to its customers by adding a Twitter app to its multimedia set-top box, enabling users to watch TV while following the content through the social network.
Telecable, which also has a Facebook app included in its decoder, is clearly banking on social TV, an option which most of Spain's TV channels haven't yet explored. However, customers are already there. Over two million people every month use a social network to interact with TV content, according to Tuitele's monthly report. Compared to last year, the number of social network users has increased over 50% in Spain, a growth tendency also being experienced in the rest of the world.
In Spain, the channels and platforms are slowly getting used to the new way of watching TV. Unlike on-demand and online platforms, the traditional channels are still not making big steps toward social TV.
Telecable's set-top box now enables users to follow a TV programme's hashtag while watching it and comment on it without needing a second-screen application.
Telecable currently has over 120,000 subscribers to its Internet and TV packages.