oseph O'Halloran | 02-08-2013
Just as social media in the TV industry is about to explode with Facebook video ads, Kantar Media has entered a strategic alliance with Twitter to develop tools to support planning and analytics for the UK TV industry.
With the social media giant regarding TV and Twitter as deeply complementary forms of media, the audience measurement firm says that the tools — developed in collaboration with Kantar Media’s recognised social TV partner SecondSync — will enable broadcasters to assess programmes and series, and plan programme promotions more effectively. They will assist media buyers and sellers to integrate social data more comprehensively into the TV component of their media mix. The first of these new products will be available commercially to UK broadcasters, media agencies and the wider industry by 2014.
“The relevance of social media buzz to the TV industry continues to grow. Broadcasters and advertisers alike are experiencing phenomenal growth in the level of buzz related to TV programming and associated commercials in recent years,” explained Andy Brown, chairman of Kantar Media.
“Within the social media landscape, Twitter is the only platform that is public, real-time, and conversational. These characteristics have made Twitter a unique data set for the purposes of measuring live social TV conversation at scale and bringing new tools to broadcasters, agencies and brands to understand and amplify the social engagement about their programming. Electronic TV measurement services remain first and foremost the recognised currency for TV viewing around the world. Tools such as those announced in development today will serve to complement the existing industry currency.”
Added Twitter COO, Ali Rowghani: “Our users love using Twitter while tuned into television to interact with talent and participate in the live social conversation about TV. In this way, Twitter has become a live companion to the TV viewing experience for millions of people in the UK and around the world, and we are thrilled that Kantar Media will be bringing its considerable audience measurement experience to bear to develop tools and standards for the industry.”