uan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-08-2013
Latin America is predicted as being one of the fastest growing regions worldwide over the coming years, and major growth is also expected in its telecoms market.
Two of the latest technical moves in the region point to the great expectations Latin America is raising among the world's telcos: América Móvil is connecting a submarine cable which will multiply by 50 the current international data capacity, and Norwegian Appear TV is to launch a new cable headend for TV operators.
América Móvil's cable was connected to land through the Colombia city of Cartagena. The infrastructure is 17,500km long and is going to connect seven countries through 11 different points in North, Central and South America. The Mexican company is aiming to start using the cable in 2014, after an investment of nearly $200 million.
Regarding Appear TV, the Nordic company will focus on the needs generated by the transition to digital which is being carried out in most of the region's countries. The provider of broadcast services will introduce a cable headend which will make its debut at the ABTA 2013 Expo & Conference in Brazil next week.
"This headend is designed from the ground up to make life as simple as possible for Latin America's cable operators and do it at a fixed cost per channel while still offering the latest technologies," said Carl Walter Holst, Appear TV's CEO. The solution will be directly marketed to the TV operators.