Parent Category: 02-08-2013
In what could be a moment of huge significance to the media industry, research from eMarketer has found that the average time spent with digital media per day in the US will surpass that of TV viewing sometime this year.
The marketing research firm predicts that by the end of 2013 US adults will be spending a total of 5:09 hours on digital media each day compared with 4:31 on TV viewing.
Showing how this tipping point has been reached steadily over the last couple of years, and indeed the rise of digital, at the end of 2012 this split was 4:31 hours to 4:38 hours respectively, and 3:50 hours to 4:34 hours in 2011.
Driving this uptake of digital media has been the increased usage of digital platforms. The research found that US adults will spend an average of two hours and 21 minutes per day on non-voice mobile activities, including mobile Internet usage on phones and tablets ó longer than they will spend online on desktop and laptop computers, and nearly an hour more than they spent on mobile in 2012.
Time spent with mobile has come to represent a little more than half of TVís share of total media time, as well as more than half of digital media time as a whole.