Parent Category: News | 03-08-2013
The US National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is to recognise Amazon Instant Video with a 2013 Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for its work on personalised recommendation engines for video discovery.
Amazon Instant Video is receiving its maker’s first ever Emmy Award for its development of tools and algorithms that enable customers to find and discover videos that cater to their tastes and preferences, creating unique and personalised entertainment experiences.
The online video solution’s discovery facilities allow viewers to find relevant films and TV shows through novel classifications based on mood and topic, distinctively ordered by their unique viewing habits and likes.
Amazon adds that its video recommendation technology also includes unique tools such as genre-based recommendations, based on customers’ favourite categories, determined by their viewing history, an ‘also watched’ feature which uses aggregate viewing behaviour as a predictor of what customers will enjoy and a ‘your store’ where customers receive personalised movie and TV recommendations based on their tastes and preferences.
“Our goal is to give customers the best possible movie and TV watching experience. That means both enabling customers to find exactly what they’re looking for and helping them discover new TV shows and movies in a personalised way,” commented Bill Carr, vice president of music and video for Amazon. “We’ve made it effortless to discover new content they’ll love, and we will continue to innovate on behalf of our customers to make it even easier and more enjoyable to explore all of the great movies and TV shows on Amazon.”