Editor | 03-08-2013
Learning perhaps from the failure of 3DTV, the UK’s biggest free-to-air and pay-TV operators have come together under the UK UHD Forum.
Set up by the Digital TV Group (DTG), the industry association for digital television in the UK, the new forum will coordinate UK requirements to build a knowledge base for the future interoperability of Ultra HD just as 4KTV sets become available, and will work hand-in-hand with FAME — the Forum for Advanced Media in Europe, an initiative led by the EBU and DIF, the Digital Interoperability Forum and supported by the European Commission and other European standard organisations.
The DTG will also work with broadcasters and the Digital Production Partnership to examine whether there is a requirement for a UK Ultra HD profile. Indeed it will be co-chaired by Chris Johns, chief engineer, broadcast strategy at BSkyB and Andy Quested, the BBC’s head of technology for BBC HD and Ultra HD.
“This is a real opportunity to reinvigorate the market and through collaboration generate the greatest economic value for the UK,” commented Richard Lindsay-Davies, director general of the DTG. “In launching the UK UHD Forum, the DTG is bringing together all relevant stakeholders to work towards the managed delivery of interoperable Ultra HD services, networks and devices.”