Jörn Krieger | 05-08-2013
Qvest Media, part of German broadcast service provider Wellen+Noethen, is expanding its international business through the establishment of Qvest Media Singapore, through which it aims to gain a strong position in the Southeast Asian market.
At the new location, Qvest Media will focus on deploying its consulting & development, systems integration and technology support services to customers in the areas of broadcast, media and telecommunications. The company also sees business potential for turnkey solutions in the rental business, for example solutions required for major events and sports coverage.
In addition to Singapore and Malaysia, the company also wants to serve markets including Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam from its new location for which Qvest Media has ambitious goals: "From the project business, we expect revenues of aroundUS$20-30 million over the first two years," said Peter Noethen, co-owner of Wellen+Noethen.
At the new location, the company wants to focus on organic growth as opposed to acquisitions. The core team at the fully-owned branch office will contain experienced specialists from the group. Stephan Kölsch, previously general manager of the Qvest Media location in Dubai, has been named head of the business development team in Singapore.