Ramaz Ankh Amoun is Egypt's most watched Ramadan TV show

Rebecca Hawkes | 05-08-2013
Ramaz has topped the Ramadan TV viewing charts in Egypt for the third consecutive year, with 88% watching the latest incarnation, Ramez Ankh Amoun, a new survey from Intelligent Research Service (IRS) has found.
Television viewing peaks each evening around Iftar from 7-10pm as Muslims break the fast during the month of Ramadan, when 44% of Egyptians tune into watch a variety of programmes, says IRS.
Of the all-important Arabic series, Al-Shak has attracted the most viewers in Egypt, with 41% of viewers during the first four weeks of Ramadan. Al-Aaraf is currently attracting the second largest audience share.
Both series have sustained their top positions since the first day of Ramadan says IRS, thanks in part to their stars, Hussain Fahmy and Adel Emam.
Hekayet Hayat is the third most popular Arabic series in Egypt, followed by Al-Kebeer Awy, Mazag Al-Khair and Alzoga Althanya.
"Viewership in Ramadan significantly escalates compared to the rest of the year. This is matched by major productions whether for Arabic series or popular programs and shows," said Dr Mohamed Kamal, CEO, IRS.
"The weekly surveys help us to better understand viewership trends throughout the month of Ramadan," added Kamal.
With 88%, Al-Hayat has had the most viewers per channel, followed by CBC (72%), Al-Nahar (48%), CBC Drama (24%), and then Al-Hayat Mossalssalat and Dream 1, each with 17%.
Ramez Qalb Al-Assad and Ramez Thaalab Al-Sahraa were the two most popular shows in Egypt during Ramadan for the past two years.
Following Ramez Ankh Amoun this year, the second most popular programme in Egypt so far in Ramadan has been Mossalssaliko, followed by Men Ghair Zaal, then the increasingly popular Khatawat Al-Shaytan.