Parent Category: 05-08-2013
The growth of online and video-on-demand (VOD) TV platforms in Spain has found an unexpected obstacle: content distributors.
Spain's high piracy rate is making the audiovisual sector suspicious of online distribution, and it's not the first time the sector has complained about platforms which don't have rights permission.
Yomvi Canal+'s online platform is the latest to face problems related to the audiovisual industry. The service was forced to disable some connectivity options for Apple devices, including Airplay, in its last app version. Because of this, it's now impossible for customers to send Yomvi content from an iPad to a TV screen.
The reason for this, according to Yomvi's social network profile, is that it was required by the audiovisual providers. No further explanation was given, and the decision has already generated a lot of customer complaints.
Most of the objections raised by the audiovisual sector are related to the number of devices allowed to be connected to the online service.
The VOD platform TotalChannel, which aims to connect as many devices as possible, is also facing some difficulties in achieving its goal.
However, online TV platforms are still growing in Spain and the market is slowly moving towards the Internet and exploring new ways of distributing audiovisual content.