Parent Category: 05-08-2013
For most buyers of a TV set in Germany, Internet connectivity is now a standard feature, with 58% of TV sets sold so far this year being connected TVs and this amount expected to rise to 70% by the end of 2013.
In 2012, the share of connected or smart TV sets among the total number of TVs sold amounted to only 47%.
These figures were compiled by market research institute GfK on behalf of German industry association BITKOM. It is expected that every third household (30%) will have a smart TV set in the second half of this year.
Connected TV sets take Internet offerings like the catch-up TV services by public broadcasters ARD and ZDF or video-on-demand portals like maxdome to the TV screen. Online services can also be used on the TV set through add-on devices like digital receivers, Blu-ray players, games consoles or Web TV boxes.