August 6, 2013 07.14 Europe/London By Robert Briel

So far, 58% of all TV sets sold in Germany this year are connected devices.
The percentage is expected to rise to 70% of all new TV sets sold before the end of the year. This compares with an average of 47% during 2012.
According to research, carried out on behalf of high-tech association BITKOM by market research institute GfK, in three households (30%) in Germany is equipped with a smart TV.
“For the majority of the buyers network connectivity on the TV is now just as important as is is for the computer,” said Michael Schidlack, BITKOM expert on consumer electronics.
“Smart TVs make the audience independent of the programme broadcast because they offer push-button access to various online services such as the libraries of TV channels.”
Many Germans now also use stand-alone devices to connected their TV set to the web, one in ten viewers connect to the internet via such a device. 8% use an internet-capable Blu-ray player, 5% use their game console.
Schidlack: “Devices with online access are increasingly in demand. This way people with older televisions can also access online services. Moreover, many of these devices can be connected to a smartphone or tablet and can play media from these wirelessly. “