ed | 06-08-2013
Buoyed by its recent success in the TV market, UK ISP TalkTalk has extended its YouView pay-TV offering to Japanese, Arabic and Afrikaans-speaking audiences.
At the end of July 2013, TalkTalk revealed an excellent Q2 2013 for its TV business, adding 160,000 new subscribers to its YouView service and taking the total number of IPTV customers on the company's network to 390,000. In terms of reach for the new services, census data suggest there were 240,000 British Arabs living in the UK in 2011, 216,000 South Africans and 37,293 Japanese people living in Britain.
The three new World TV Boosts are available exclusively to TalkTalk and are provided by THEMA which aggregates foreign TV channels into TV bouquets targeted to diaspora communities. THEMA’s other clients include major pay-TV platforms in Europe, Asia and North America.
The new offerings will include The Arabic TV Boost which offers customers access to a selection of 12 channels from major Arabic Networks including OSN, ART and Al Jazeera. The JSTV Boost includes JSTV and JSTV2, the only Japanese channels available in Europe. Channels cover all genres from entertainment, movies and news, to sports and kids shows. For the Afrikaans community, TalkTalk will now exclusively offer kykNET and kykNET Musiek to provide customers with a range of entertainment programmes.
“We are delighted to offer more entertainment from a further three regions as part of the diverse range of content available on YouView from TalkTalk, and to bring these popular channels to Japanese, Afrikaans and Arabic-speaking viewers across the UK,” commented Tristia Harrison of TalkTalk.