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Thread: Sky UK in Spain?

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    Sky UK in Spain?

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here. Ive just discovered that site only a few minutes ago...

    Firstly, I apologize for my English. Its not my mother tongue. So Ill try to explain in the best way that I can.

    My request is:

    Id like to receive Sky UK, but I live in Spain. I am very interested in that TV provider because I think it could be very useful to improve my English level.

    My question is: is this possible? What kind of receiver should I buy? Is there any firmware or cardsharing posibility for my proposal? And, finally, what should be the antenna`s diameter, considering that I live in the south of Spain?

    Thanks a lot, and I wish all of you can understand my poor spelling...

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    Re: Sky UK in Spain?

    why change of soundtrack to English on is not an option for language learning purposes?

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    Re: Sky UK in Spain?

    You can legally use a Sky card in Spain - you cannot be prosecuted for doing this.
    It is, however, against the T&Cs of the sky contact to use a Sky card outside the UK.

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