Editor | 07-08-2013
Warning that the pay-TV market is “heading for another shake-up”, PeerTV has announced that it has completed successful field trials of its new over-the-top (OTT) set-top box with a major European telecoms provider.
The new eTV solution box takes the form of a unit around the size of a school calculator that enables broadcast content distributed via the Internet to be downloaded directly onto a standard TV screen.
It claims to offer “exceptionally quick and smooth channels zapping with cache and synchronise mechanisms that result in no waiting typical of Internet-based applications. Video always plays in the background even in configuration mode and video-on-demand (VOD) searching is possible without stopping the current channel". It also offers programme reminders, video search filtering, local playback from my video library via Microsoft Media Player and the ability to change language any time. Facebook and YouTube access are available via TV sets.
PeerTV believes that its new box will allow new channels to compete head on with national pay-TV broadcasters. It adds that the system also avoids the need for a costly terrestrial or satellite broadcasting infrastructure, so removing the largest barrier to market entry for new players in the pay-TV sector.
“This year we rolled out the first major field test involving several thousand set-top boxes in domestic homes. The results have more than met expectations. We have a proven, stable system that is easy to use and that delivers on its consumer promise, said Avi Vermus PeerTV CE.
“We are highly confident that we have the best technology for the market and are ready to move forward - interest amongst major brand mobile phone and local broadcaster providers is high, with discussions now proceeding with partners in Europe, Africa and Latin America.”