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Thread: Sky Movies 7 on Dragoncam

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    Unhappy Sky Movies 7 on Dragoncam

    I downloaded the file which was put by blake (Predator354_skymovie7-Echostar) it doesnt work for my dragonca.

    All the other channels are fine. The sky movies 7 is on astra 28.2 E on freq 11603 v 27500.

    I dont know why I can get it?
    I have echostar reciever and dragoncam. IF anyone can help me please let me know.

    P.S Blake please could you come back to me if get this message.
    And how can I put new keys for sky movies 7 if it has been change??

    Thank you

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    Re: Sky Movies 7 on Dragoncam

    Well given that Sky (British, Italian or other), is encrypted in NDS Videocrypt, the chances of it being hacked are about ZERO!

    So it's quite obliviously a FAKE!

    A shame though
    It would've been something to watch at least!

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    Re: Sky Movies 7 on Dragoncam

    actually you can see sky movies 7 freq is 11.602v 27.500 and it is on dragon coz if i pull it out it says scramble thats dragon 4.1 and its in a technomate 1500

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    Re: Sky Movies 7 on Dragoncam

    Thanks m8
    but are u sure that it works? could u tell me exacttly what I have 2 do so it works for me?
    could u send me the file altso the pred.dra file? I have dragoncam 4.1 my reciever is echostar 808.
    what do u mean with pull out?


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