UPC Cablecom announces Horizon update

August 8, 2013 07.40 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Remote Control_SwitzerlandUPC cablecom has announced “numerous improvements” to its Horizon entertainment platform.

All Horizon customers will receive a new remote control with extra functions. In addition, 18 new apps have been added to Horizon, user navigation has been simplified and the platform has been made faster. UPC cablecom said that it has taken the suggestions of many existing customers into account when making these changes.

Since the launch, numerous improvements have already been made in the form of upgrades, such as to teletext or the performance of the integrated wireless LAN. Since June, Horizon customers have also been able to control their devices remotely from their iPhone or iPad via an app. The customer surveys which upc cablecom conducts regularly are an important source of contributions to improvements made to Horizon, according to the operator.

All Horizon customers will receive a new remote control with has a keyboard on the back as well as a number of new one-lick buttons to go directly to TV Guide, On Demand, Record, Information about Current Programme, Return to TV / Return to Last Channel and Help. Until now, the viewer had to go trough multiple steps to reach these functions.

The new remote is also distributed among UPC Horizon customers in the Netherlands and will be part of the offer when the service is launched in Germany and the Irish Republic.

As well as the new remote control, UPC cablecom will also roll out an update to the Horizon software. Over the coming weeks, all active Horizon boxes will be updated automatically, making navigation faster and easier.

The update will bring with it the following improvements: Navigation will be made simpler and faster; More detailed information will be provided concerning programmes and films; Recordings will be shown in the form of a list.

Also, the Horizon Apps will load quicker. 18 additional apps will be available on Horizon after the update (27 apps in total in Switzerland). These will include apps such as CNN, Google Maps, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa.

In the Netherlands, UPC is also gradually rolling out this new software update, code named H2. According to the first reports the new update solves some, but not all of the problems customers are experiencing with the Horizon set-top box.