Arte+7 mediathek comes to VideoWeb

August 8, 2013 09.34 Europe/London By Robert Briel

VideoWeb TV-ARTEVideoWeb has just launched an update making the new Arte+7 mediathek catch-up TV service available to viewers in Germany and Switzerland.

With the new Arte+7 mediathek app, people can catch-up on the programmes broadcast during the last seven days on the Franco-German Arte channel.

Owners of the VideoWeb connected TV set-top box now have access to 19 different catch-up TV services on the German language market.

The box now gives access to ZDF TV Mediathek, ARD TV Mediathek, KiKa+ Mediathek, arte TV Mediathek, ARD EPG, MDR TV Mediathek, Servus TV, NDR Mediathek, SWRMediathek, RBB TV Mediathek, WDR Mediathek, RNF Mediathek, einsfestival Mediathek, Radio Bremen, Anixe Mediathek, Bibel TV Mediathek,the Pro7 Videocenter, SAT1 Videocenter and the KabelEinsVideocenter.