Ron Paul preps online TV channel

Parent Category: News | 08-08-2013

Libertarians, rejoice: former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has announced that his eponymous online TV venture will launch the week of 12 August.

The Ron Paul Channel will air all-original programming several times a week, available to subscribers live or on-demand. Subscriptions will cost $9.95 per month and provide subscribers with direct access to Paul and a diverse array of guests.

"Americans are tired of the games and the lies of today's media," said Paul. "They want the truth. I have been astonished by the flood of interest in the channel from tens of thousands of people in just a matter of hours."

He added: "Imagine this: no censors, no barricades, no statists. We will be able to engage viewers directly on subjects that matter most to them; from finances to civil liberties to foreign policy."

The Ron Paul Channel expands upon Paul's grassroots and online support, streaming online via connected televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones.

"The Ron Paul Channel will allow me to engage directly with viewers," said Paul. "With the help of social media we can cut through the noise and get straight to the truth about subjects that matter most to you."

Since announcing the Ron Paul Channel's creation solely on Facebook and Twitter, more than 200,000 people have gone to to express interest in learning more about the channel and its programming, Paul said.