Copaco registers $1.3 million profit, but IPTV comes to a standstill

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 08-08-2013

Paraguay's national telco Copaco saw a profit in the first half of this year: the company was able to change the $11.9 million loss registered at the beginning 2012 into a $1.3 million profit after Q2.

Francisco Galiano, Copaco's president, presented the company's management report and was pleased with its direction – moving from being in the red to showing a solid growth. According to him, this was only possible due to the company's saving policies and the growth of Vox, the telephone company bought in 2010. The former private telco reached a profit of $3 million during first half of the year.

However, Copaco's biggest project, its IPTV service, hasn't grown as expected and has only attracted 1,152 subscriptions – when over 10,000 were expected – more than a year after launching. The service was launched in 2012 but didn't gain any customers until 2013.

The pay-TV service only works in the districts of Asunción and Gran Asunción and has experienced some difficulties while being established, with the original launch date being postponed eight months due to technical issues. But the company is still confident about the future success of the service and says that it's only matter of time.

In July, Copaco reached 356,000 fixed telephone lines, 20,000 mobile contracts and 63,000 ADSL. Vox has over 416,000 mobile lines and nearly 7,000 data subscriptions.