Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09-08-2013
Alianza contra la piratería, a pay-TV association which fights against audiovisual piracy throughout Latin America, has announced that Claro HDTV and Newco have joined the group. Both are among the leaders of pay-TV operators in Brazil.
Brazil is one of the main focuses of Alianza, as it registers one of the highest piracy rates in the region and, the same time, has one of the greatest growths in pay-TV market, with customers increasing 22.9% over last year, according to Anatel.
"Piracy is a critical problem for the industry, and Alianza has the instruments needed to fight it," explained Antonio João, from Claro HDTV.
Newco's Silvia Jafet added that the problem affects a lot of different companies, and that this "delays the sector's growth and generates unemployment".
"The industry is growing fast, and having two Brazilian leaders with us is fundamental," explained Michael Hartman, vice president of legal issues of DirecTV and member of Alianza. "Each new member brings us closer to stopping pay-TV piracy in Latin America."
Since it was created at the beginning of the year, the association has already taken some concrete action. In Colombia, a pirate decoder distributor was caught and sent to prison. In Uruguay, over 10,000 free-to-air (FTA) receptors which had a special technology enabling users to avoid pay-TV operators' control were destroyed. Most recently, FTA decoders were also found and confiscated in Brazil, and a lot of information about the pirate networks has been gathered.