Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09-08-2013
The first Bolivian satellite, Tupac Katari, is almost complete, with only some final testing remaining before its launch, which the Government has set for 20 December 2013.
The executive general director of the Bolivian Space Agency (ABE), Iván Zambrana, announced details of the project development, saying: "We only need some small things to be done before November and the satellite will be 100% finished."
However, a month ago Bolivian minister Vladimir Sánchez said that the project was ready.
The satellite is being built in China and the project is progressing almost to schedule.
A group of Bolivian engineers will travel to China, from where the satellite will be launched. They're expected to arrive on 12 August to learn about controlling the system.
The Tupac Katari, which will take Internet, TV and mobile communications throughout Bolivia, especially rural areas, will take off in the Jiuquan space centre, in northwest China.
The project also includes the construction of two control stations, one in La Paz and the other in the eastern city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.