EBU confirms importance of UHDTV frame rates

August 9, 2013 10.32 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Early results from the EBUís Broadcast Technology Futures (BTF) group have given a clear indication that higher frame rates are appreciated by the observers, to a significantly greater extent than increased resolution.

The findings support the position that future UHDTV systems should include higher frame rates.

The EBUís Broadcast Technology Futures (BTF) group, which comprises the heads of the research labs of the BBC, IRT, RAI and NHK, is conducting a series of subjective tests at the IRTís facilities in Munich.

Various frame rates up to 240Hz with different content genres are being rated by observers. The sequences are in both uncompressed form and compressed with HEVC according to the ITU-R BT.500 DSCQS (double-stimulus continuous quality scale) test methodology.