Michelle Clancy | 10-08-2013
Comcast has announced the launch of its cloud-based interactive television interface, the X1 Platform from Xfinity, across Oregon and Washington State.
X1 integrates video with social media features, interactive apps, Web content and other functionality in one viewing experience.
"The X1 Platform represents a major leap forward and is another way we are making the future of awesome a reality for our customers," said Len Rozek, Comcast Washington senior vice president. "The X1 Platform transforms traditional television into a complete entertainment operating system. Its cloud-based technology allows us to deliver new product features to our customers faster than ever. As the entertainment world shifts and technologies merge, we are excited to provide customers the option of being able to connect in ways they may never have imagined."
X1 features and capabilities include a new user interface that enables one-click access to programs and a visual guide to entertainment options and related information; viewing recommendations based on search input and previously watched shows and movies; the ability to search simultaneously across live TV, Xfinity On Demand and DVR recordings and to see the last nine programs watched across all services; and the ability to watch DVR recordings from any room in the house while simultaneously recording up to four shows while watching another.
X1 also features a range of TV apps, including traffic, weather, voicemail and a sports app to track multiple games at once. A selection of Web-based apps, including Facebook and Pandora, are also part of the package.
In addition, the X1 Remote App lets customers use motions, gestures, and voice commands to control their TVs with their Apple handheld devices.
Comcast is on track to roll out the X1 Platform nationwide; it's already available in more than a dozen markets, and should be available across the cable MSO's entire footprint by the end of the year.